POWERbreathe arrives in Iran!

Our new POWERbreathe friends and distributor in Iran, Idea Gostar Darmen, recently presented POWERbreathe to Sports Medicine Specialists and Respiratory Tract Specialists at the seminar, ‘Respiratory Muscle Training’.

The seminar's aim was to educate specialists about the benefits of POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training, and how, following the scientifically proven training regimen, POWERbreathe can improve breathing strength and stamina to help alleviate breathlessness in those with breathing difficulties, and improve the sports performance of athletes.

Sadly pollution in Iran is worsening, with approximately 4680 people dying in the first nine months of last year from air pollution in Tehran, according to Iran’s deputy health minister. Hospital admissions have risen by at least a third with corridors of local clinics full of people wheezing.

Iran’s health ministry reported a rise in heart disease and respiratory disease related to pollution, and now the streets are full of people wearing surgical masks for protection from particles containing lead, sulphur dioxides and benzene. A study was conducted in 2009 into ‘The Relation between Air Pollution and Cardiorespiratory Admission in Tehran’ which concluded that more studies were needed to evaluate the effect of different pollutants on acute cardio respiratory admissions.

Each winter, emergency services report a big rise in hospital admissions for heart, chest and respiratory problems. In another study, ‘Air Pollution and Hospitalization for Respiratory Diseases Among Children in Isfahan, Iran’ revealed how air pollutants increase the incidence of acute respiratory infections in children and disrupt the normal development of the children's respiratory system. Moreover, in the case of any damage, children are more likely to develop problems in adulthood.

The Respiratory Muscle Training seminar created a lot of interest, as supporting papers were presented to the sports scientists and healthcare professionals from the clinical and scientific use of Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) that has been published in peer-reviewed, high quality scientific journals.

Read more about how POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) will improve inspiratory muscle strength and endurance in people with breathing problems as well as in athletes for improving sports performance. However if you’re already using POWERbreathe then please leave a comment here or on the POWERbreathe Forum, as we’d love to hear from you.

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