Beginning to use POWERbreathe, by Sam Lipscombe

In his previous blog, Training for Everest with POWERbreathe, Sam explained how he’s embarking on a 70-day expedition to climb Mount Everest, while raising money for Cure Rett, and as part of his preparation, he began using POWERbreathe.

Now you can read his second instalment which he wrote whilst training in the Lake District. You can find more about Sam’s challenge on his website, and more about his fund raising efforts for Cure Rett.

Beginning to use POWERbreathe…

It’s been two weeks now since I started to use my POWERbreathe to train my body for climbing Everest. I'm slowly getting used to using the device as part of my normal routine.

When I bought it I really didn't have much idea as to where this would fit in or indeed which device was right for me.

I've got to admit that I didn't spend too much time researching the device or finding out how useful it would be. A few videos on the website, a look at the marketing material and the thought of the impending expedition was enough for me to want to give this a go. With this lack of research in mind (and the huge cost involved with climbing Everest), I didn't really want to spend all that much.

There was quite a lot of choice.

The entry level devices looked quite simple. If I was going to give this a go I wanted something that would adapt to the way that I wanted to use it. The [special edition] ones seemed to fit the bill and came in a nice looking black (you can’t go wrong with black), so I started there. Then came the choice of resistance.

As I'm about to climb Everest I'm quite fit. So I gravitated towards the heavy resistance version and made the plunge.

Training with it has been a really interesting experience. Writing this blog has forced me to be aware of how it is performing for me and the different ways in which I am using the device as I become more familiar with it.

This is really how I have evolved the use of my device as the weeks progressed:

Week 1

• Getting used to the sensation of restrictive breathing.
• Getting into the routine of using the device twice a day.
• Finding the right level that makes breath training hard but not uncomfortable.

Week 2

• Fine readjustments to the device settings.
• Being aware of your posture when using the POWERbreathe (laying down vs sitting up vs standing)
• Beginning to experiment so that it complements your training

Moving into week three I should more and more begin to notice the effects that it is having on my fitness. I want to increasingly use it as a means to warm up my lungs prior to exercise. At the moment the effect it is having is quite subjective. I can tell that my heart rate during training IS lower and breathing does FEEL easier but I'm not sure if this is me just getting naturally fitter. We’ll see…




Read more about how POWERbreathe Inspiratory Muscle Training could help prepare your breathing muscles for breathing at altitude. If you’re already using POWERbreathe for this reason, or have used it in the past to help cope with breathing at altitude then please leave a comment here as we’d love to hear from you.

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