Breathing Big in 2013

So, 2013 is the year for Breathing Big! Well, all you POWERbreathe users are one-step ahead in setting the trend for improving your breathing strength and breathing pattern. You’ll already be familiar with the benefits that inspiratory muscle training has on your breathing and ultimately your sports performance, or if you have breathing difficulties, on your quality of life.

We’ve heard from the US that Breathing Big is going to be making its mark in 2013, with “fitness professionals taking more credence in assessing breathing patterns in their clients”.

“While we’re just scratching the tip of the iceberg in this regard, it’s profound how much of an effect faulty breathing patterns – in this case people relying too much on their accessory breathing muscles like the upper traps, scalanes, levator etc and NOT their diaphragm – has on everything from posture and many common dysfunctions we see in the general population (neck pain, shoulder pain, evel lower back pain) to performance, in and outside the gym,” says Tony Gentilcore, co-owner of Cressey Performance.

He goes on to add, “Taking as little as five minutes to show clients how to “use” their diaphragm can go a long ways in helping them not only feel better but set themselves up for success, whether their goal is to lift a Mack truck or just look better naked.”

POWERbreathe users will know that training with POWERbreathe for only 5-minutes twice a day will make a big difference to their breathing strength and endurance, and can be done just as easily at the gym, at home – or when out and about.

Jordan Syatt, Author, Trainer and Greatist Expert, also predicts that one of the top 3 trends for 2013 will be diaphragmatic breathing.

“It’s progressively become more of a mainstream term among health and fitness professionals, but it hasn’t received much attention in the media or lay public. Granted, it’s not sexy of very appealing, but the benefits are astounding and it’s bound to pick up big time” he says.

Your diaphragm is you most efficient breathing muscle, and is a large, dome-shaped muscle located at the base of your lungs. It’s your abdominal muscles that help to move your diaphragm and give you the power to empty your lungs. People with breathing problems, such as those with COPD, have difficulty with their diaphragm working effectively.

This is because air becomes trapped in the lungs, pushing down on the diaphragm.  Because of this, the neck and chest muscles take on an increased share of the work of breathing which can leave the diaphragm weak and flattened, causing it to work less efficiently.

POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training is intended to help you use your breathing muscles correctly to strengthen your breathing muscles, including your diaphragm and use less effort and energy to breathe.  At first you’ll notice an increased effort will be needed to use your diaphragm correctly while using POWERbreathe, and you’re breathing muscles will get tired. But stick at it because with regular use (following the scientific proven regimen of 30 breaths twice a day) your breathing strength and stamina will increase, allowing you to increase the resistance on your POWERbreathe and continue to improve.

Read more about the benefits of inspiratory muscle training (IMT) with POWERbreathe, and if you are already a POWERbreathe user, we’d love to hear how it’s helping you. Please leave a comment here.

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