POWERbreathe K5 helps 93 year-old inhale her much needed medication

93-year-old-using-POWERbreathe-K5We were recently informed by a physiotherapist in Brazil of a 93 year-old patient who sadly didn’t have the strength to inhale her medication. Paulo, her phsyio, immediately thought of getting her to use POWERbreathe on a regular basis to train her breathing muscles to become stronger so that she could inhale the medication she’d been prescribed.

We’re delighted to report that she is now able to inhale her medication successfully after training with the POWERbreathe K5. And thanks to the Breathe-Link software, Paulo, her phsyio, was able to chart the progress she was making with her breathing strength and actually see her breathing power (watts), volume (litres) and breathing energy (joules) improve.

Here you can see the patient in question training with the POWERbreathe K5, and her delight with her results afterwards.



93-year-old-after-using-POWERbreathe-K5Thank you to Paulo her physiotherapist for thinking of using POWERbreathe as a way of helping her to breathe in forcefully enough to enable her to take her prescribed medication.

It’s always heartening to hear stories such as this and by sharing these moments with you it could help POWERbreathe reach those people who need it the most. So please share this story with your family and friends as it may just reach that person who could dearly benefit from POWERbreathe inspiratory muscle training, such as this lady.

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