Breathing exercises that can help with COPD treatment

What-is-COPDChronic obstructive pulmonary disease also known as COPD is the term that is given to a group of lung diseases. these lung diseases block your airflow as you exhale, making it very difficult for you to breathe.  Practising regular breathing exercises can help you cope with COPD and also aid your COPD treatment.  Worldwide COPD is a major cause of death.

Relax and breathe

If you have COPD then the most effective way to overcome breathlessness is to relax and breathe. Find a quiet spot and lay down in a comfortable position completely focus on your breathing.  With each breathe that you take you should try and slow down the pace and relax your body each more and more.  Eventually you will be able to control your breath. Anytime you are feeling breathless you should use this technique.

Counting Breath

Try counting silently in your head while breathing. Doing this automatically slows and relaxes the breathing. To start with count to two on your inhale and two on your exhale. Then gradually increase to three then four. Become comfortable with counting to four on your inhales and exhales before you take the next step and increase exhales to a count of five while keeping the inhales to a count of four. Eventually you want to increase your exhales to a count of six.

Ujjayi Pranayama

Ujjayi pranayama can be performed while laying flat on your back or with your head and chest slightly elevated. It is important that you get the correct position and that your head is sits higher than your chest. Always start with a few cycles of normal breathing, then inhale naturally and exhale fully keeping your chest elevated.  This should be repeated for 15-20 cycles, then you should return to your normal breathing pattern. This method of breathing helps to improve the function of the lungs.

Viloma Pranayama

Anyone who suffers from a breathing order should practice this breathing exercise. Start by inhaling three-fourths of a breath and then exhale fully. Continue this breathing pattern for a few breaths. Next, inhale only two-thirds of a breath and exhale fully. Continue this pattern for a few breaths. Go back to breathing three-fourths in and fully exhaling for a few rounds. Then slowly return to normal, relaxed breathing.

If you suffer from breathing difficulties you will know just how difficult it is to breathe. Inspiratory muscle training helps to strengthen and condition your breathing muscles. Practicing any of the above breathing methods can aid you with your COPD treatment as well as increase the quality of your life as a COPD sufferer.


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