Olympic Torch here I come.......

Gus McKechnie 50000 mile bike challengeHello everyone!

Yes, it has been a long time since my last update but I am trying to get it rolling again as I'm running with the flame in about five weeks time :-)

I’m now closer to 30,000 miles now.  The POWERbreathe has been making a big difference to my aims.  Although everything hasn’t been plain sailing.  The most exciting coming is the fact I’m running with the Olympic torch in July.  Something in Southampton which I’m looking forward too.  On top of my cycling I have also been getting involved in athletics and have managed to get myself onto the power of ten rankings for f37 shot and discus.  I was denied the chance to compete in the Olympic stadium at a test event because of bad administration by one of the governing bodies.

The next five weeks of this blog will be how I’m preparing for running with the flame.

Many thanks

Gus Mckechnie

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