Madeline Simon (MS ) - My latest K3 stats show an improvement in my lung condition

Madeline SimonIsn’t this sun and warmth a lovely welcome, it definitely gives you a boost in energy, makes you more motivated and wanting to achieve more. I have to confess that when it was cold and wet I did let my POWERbreathe routine slip a bit but am pleased to report in that things are back…plus a bit more; a few press ups in the morning and have started going on the exercise bike - only 10 mins today but aim to build it to 20mins a day.

My summer plans are going well and I didn’t overdo things when I had a few days away to see some friends and ex-colleagues. My school friend reunion has been put back to Sept/Oct, the date is yet to be confirmed.

Here are my latest stats on my POWERbreathe K3, I was pleased to see that my lungs hadn’t lost condition with the brief lapse I had at the beginning of the month. For June I am aiming for an improvement again and getting back on track for a steady improvement each week.





Date Level Load cmH2O PowerWatts VolumeLitres T-index%   S-IndexcmH2O FlowL/s Volume Litres
26th May 2012 Hard 54 4.7 1.7 98 High   84 Average 4.9 1.9
21st April 2012 Hard 54 4.9 1.7 98 High   82 Average 4.7 1.8


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