How to do vocal warm up exercises

Just like athletes, anyone who sings should warm up correctly before any practice session and main performance.  You should go through a variety of warm up vocal exercises to loosen your voice and limber up your muscles to be able to be in the best condition for the performance.  A good warm up will take about tem minutes to complete.  Always start off gently. Don’t try and reach the high notes straight away as you will likely cause damage to your vocal muscles. Here are a number of steps to get your voice ready to perform.

  • Perform light exercise to loosen and relax your body. Jogging on the spot, swinging your arms and stretching are all good forms of physical exercise to get your blood flowing.
  • Make a yawn sound quietly at the top of your natural range.  Then slowly descend all the way to the bottom of your range. This one should be repeated between five and seven times.
  • Sing a note in your middle range using a vowel like ‘ah’. Then sing five notes up and five notes down.  Keep repeating until you are half a step higher, then another step and so on until you feel yourself stretching. However, don’t overdo it and stop before you get to a note that is too high for comfort.
  • Repeat the exercise, starting again from the middle of your range, but this time go down and then up a five-note scale. Sing each successive scale a half-step down until you reach the bottom of your range.
  • Work on flexibility. Sing “ah” on a note near the bottom of your range, then sing “ah” on the second note in the major scale. Return to the first note, and then sing the third note in the major scale. Return to the first note again. Continue until you jump an entire octave. Repeat the using each of the vowel sounds.
  • Sing a complete song gently.
  • After a few minutes of exercise your voice should be warm and ready to perform.

Following these simple vocal exercises will help you warm up correctly so when you do go out to perform you will be reaching all those notes correctly but more importantly singing in key.

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