The Keswick festival was very busy and had something for everyone

The Keswick festival was very busy and had something for everyone.

There were talks by celebrities such as Chris Bonnington, Helen Skelton, Monty Hall etc. which took place in a meeting room in the town.

Talks also took place in a giant wigwam on the outdoor site where we had our stand.  I did two POWERbreathe talks, one on Friday and one on Sunday.  Both went well and led to sales.  One couple said that they had cycled 5 miles just to hear me and bought a POWERbreathe.  Most people would cycle 5 miles just to get away from me talking!!

We spread the word quite widely about POWERbreathe, as there were people from all over the country taking part in the numerous, running, swimming, cycling and tri events that took place.  I think every person in Keswick who had a bike turned up to ride down a slope and up a ramp to shoot up in the air and be cushioned in a gigantic airbag on landing.

By amazing coincidence, next to our stand was the UK equivalent of Vittorio Brumotti, Ben Savage 16 times UK stunt bike rider.

As I had all the info on Brumotti he came over to look at my photo’s from Italy (from where I’d not long returned).  He had a go on the POWERbreathe K5 and he was very impressive completing a full 30 breaths on 62 cmh2o, banging out 6 litres per breath.  The next day he came over and said he had felt he had done a workout like he had never felt before and was very interested.  I gave him a POWERbreathe Plus Medium Resistance model and he happily offered to provide feedback on his training.

Ben Barton from Cronton Sixth Form College in Widnes spent a lot of time with us on the K5 and expressed an interest in one for his school which is a Centre of Sporting Excellence.  They are doing a new degree in Sports development.

We also had two people visit the stand who suffered from spondylitis.  One a lady who bought a POWERbreathe and the other a fell runner.

One couple told us with big smiles on their faces that they both had POWERbreathe’s that they got from their Doctor after they had educated him.

Finally we also tested a free diver who could do 6.2 litres without using any initial power, so he must have been even stronger.  He actually chatted enthusiastically to a sceptic about POWERbreathe as he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, as he could only do 2.5 litres on the K5.

In all a good weekend, and a big thanks to Mary Anne for her help.

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