Breathing for relaxation

Anyone who parbreathing_and_relaxation_techniquesticipates in sports is extremely active. Competitive sports people are so concerned and focused on winning they tend to become nervous, tense and unable to get into the ‘zone’ ready for competing in the game.

If you are getting wound up like a coil then you should be checking your breath. Are you experiencing short and fast breaths? If, so then your thoughts and ability to stay calm and focused have been affected.

Throughout the day you should always do a ‘breath test’. Is your breathing calm and smooth when you expect it to be? If it isn’t then the following technique should help you.  Inhale and exhale through your nose. While doing this close your windpipe enough until your hear a hissing sound. May the force be with you because you should sound like Darth Vader when doing this technique. This technique will completely connect your mind and body and help you relax, almost as though you are in a place which has total peace and quiet a bit like a place where all you hear are the sounds of the ocean.

The purpose of this technique is to help you regulate the flow of breath in and out of your system. Instead of using your lungs like bellows you are controlling your windpipe and using it like a hose which lets you control how much air comes in and out of your body. At this point your breathing should feel calm, smooth and effortless.

The name given to this technique is Ujjavi breath. People who practice yoga will be familiar with this breath as they believe it sends the energy into each and every cell in your body. Practicing this technique before major competitions will help you to relax and focus on the task in hand...WINNING!

With practice, you will be able to perfect the control of your breathing to help you focus and stay relaxed. Practicing these techniques and other forms of inspiratory muscle training will certainly help you perform better.

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