Kilimanjaro here we come with POWERbreathe in tow

Hello, my name is Bernie Almond and my wife and I decided we wanted to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. We are planning to do this in August but we knew we needed some extra support to strenthen our lungs especially and we didn't want to make a mess on the mountain if we suffered any altitude sickness.

This quest prompted us to contact POWERbreathe as we had heard so much about them and how they help strenthen the respiratory muscles and lungs.  So the POWERbreathe's arrived and what funny looking devices.  As soon as we put them in our mouths and looked at ourselves in the mirror we just burst out laughing.  However, we knew how important these little beauties would be for our training so we went into serious mode.

So 2 weeks into the training with POWERbreathe and we are both now accustomed to using  the breathing trainer device. We even consciously complete the 30 breaths twice daily as we get up each morning and before we go to bed. In fact we have both increased the resistance already as we feel our breathing is getting stronger.

We certainly think we feel less breathlessness when walking up hills - during May we have some longer arduous walks planned so will be able to assess the benefit better then - but so far so good.

15th May, 2012

"Just returned from Walk the Wight a 26 mile, 10 hour jaunt across the Isle of Wight - we flew up the hills, breathing has certainly got easier and more efficient since starting to use the power breathes! Both Helen and I have now notched up the resistance in preparation for some more strenuous hill climbs in the lake district next month - as this rate Kili will be a breath of fresh air! "

25th June, 2012

"POWERbreahte is now turned up to 5 on the resistance scale so the inspiratory muscles are certainly getting stronger and more efficient! Just how much better our breathing has become was apparent last week .. We spent a delightfully wet weekend in the lakes where we "zoomed" up two 3000 feet plus hills and to be honest our breathing was much easier than it had been in the past  - we both feel the POWERbreathe is making a positive difference.

Anyhow 5 weeks to go before the trek up Kilimanjaro, so better get off and do some more practice walks
Helen and Bernie"

THE BIG DAY..........

Well guess what we both made to the summit of Kilimanjaro 19,000 feet with no breathing problems whatsoever!

Both Helen and I felt good and our breathing was strong thanks to all the training with the POWERbreathe - a wonderful invention!

Here is a picture of me with the POWERbreahte in place - on the way up at Mawenzi tarn - altitude 14,114 feet

We would just like to thank everyone at POWERbreathe International for supporting us on this climb.

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Thanks Bernie Almond

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