Anthony Ogogo - first experience of training with my POWERbreathe

Firstly I want to thank the guys at POWERbreathe for sending me a POWERbreathe to aid me in my training block leading up to the Olympic qualifier. It was very kind of them.

Training three times a day like we do on the GB Boxing team, I wanted something that could help me with my breathing and my general fitness but without physically exerting my body any more than the three gruelling sessions. So my friend advised me to try a POWERbreathe.

In typical Anthony Ogogo Ultra competitive fashion I put it on a level 7, thinking that as I was an elite athlete I'd already be good at it. I was wrong. I was surprised how hard it was maintaining a good technique and so started at level one. I did manage to get up to level 6 and 7 in the 4 weeks I was using it leading up to the qualifier, whilst maintaining a good technique. Something that I was nowhere near being able to do the first time I used it, which shows my breathing capacity definitely got better.

Thanks again POWERbreathe, Anthony.

You can read about Anthony's victory in European Olympic qualifier in Turkey in our previous blog.  You can also read more about Anthony on his website , follow him on Twitter or visit his YouTube channel.


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