Alphamed presents POWERbreathe at Rimini Wellness Expo

Alphamed, our POWERbreathe distributors in Italy will be presenting POWERbreathe at the seventh Rimini Wellness Expo 10 – 13th May 2012.

Alphamed have been talking with Luca Piancastelli, personal trainer and creator of a new method of training called Walking Program®, about incorporating POWERbreathe into his Walking Program® for additional benefits.

The Walking Program® is a program for people who are embarking on a fitness regimen for the first time and is a structured workout that takes place on the treadmill, to music – a choreographed treadmill workout. POWERbreathe would make an ideal addition, helping participants develop their breathing strength and stamina to maximise their workout.

Luca Piancastelli’s Walking Program® incorporating POWERbreathe is scheduled in the events program on each of the 4 days.

So a big thank you to Alphamed and Luca Piancastelli, and if you’re one of those taking part in the Walking Program® please tell us what you thought by leaving a comment here.

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