Top tips for comfortable breathing this allergy season

This time of the year usually means hayfever, itchy eyes, runny nose, asthma and itchy skin.  If you suffer from any of the above there are some simple and natural strategies that you can use instead of running for the antihistamines or steroids which tend to worsen the problems that cause you to have allergies.

So here are some top tips from us:

#1 Boost your immune system

Often when we talk about allergies, we are looking at relief and the best way to achieve this is by boosting the immune system. You should look at eliminating anything that can weaken your immune system – usually foods which are high in sugar.  Look at your diet and eliminate refined foods and foods high in sugar. Substitute these foods with foods that have natural ammunition, foods such as carrots, sweet potato, spinach, broccoli and garlic.  Try and bin the stress you are under and take up meditation, deep breathing exercises as well as going for a nice long walk.

#2 Visit that diet

Any sensitivity issues you have with food can also cause the same runny nose, and sinusitis symptoms you experience with environmental allergies.  Set yourself on an elimination diet which is simple to do. All you need to do is remove the most common culprits including any dairy, wheat, eggs and soy products.  After two weeks you will know if food sensitivities contribute to your allergy symptoms. The next step is to introduce the foods back into your diet every few days until you find the offender. You should only do this under the supervision of your GP.

#3 A healthy liver leads to a healthier life

The liver is the organ in our body which is solely responsible for metabolising all of the histamine that is released by numerous cells in the body. If the liver becomes distressed or congested it doesn’t work as it should and all the histamine removal gets backed up, hence worsening the symptoms you are suffering.  A distressed liver may not show up in blood work until it is 80 percent compromised.

Eliminating or reducing unnecessary drugs, alcohol, caffeine and environmental stressors needs to be considered. Feeding the liver vegetables, beet greens and milk thistle helps in restoring function to the liver. If you are on any medication, it’s always best to check that there are no contraindications before taking a supplement, such as milk thistle.

#4 Healthy adrenal glands

Your adrenal glands function as the braking system for your immune system by secreting cortisol to keep the immune response from going unrestrained. Common symptoms of adrenal dysfunction include lack of energy, fatigue, sleep disturbances, muscle and joint pain and chronic stress

Adrenal function can be easily assessed with saliva testing. If adrenal dysfunction exists, caffeine and sugar need to be eliminated from the diet. Foods and whole food supplements rich in the B and C complexes nourish the adrenals.

#5 Move well and rest well

Much research, studies and tests have shown that regular exercise can be a help in combating seasonal allergies.  Regular exercise helps your body burn off accumulated stress that is placed on the liver, immune system and gut.  Regular exercise improves the function of these systems.

Inspiratory muscle training using a breathing trainer can help you perfect your breathing as well as maximise your physical exercise, and strengthen the muscles that you use to breathe.

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