Corporal Darren Peacock - POWERbreathe 90 days in

Darren PeacockIt’s been 90 days now since I started using powerbreathe and my time here in Afghanistan is almost up.

I am currently up to level 8 on my POWERbreathe Medium Resistance, I have found all the levels hard at first then once it got easy with a quick turn you can up the resistance.

I have noticed changes in my breathing while I have been undergoing training to run a marathon, now with 15, 17 and 20 mile runs completed, my next challenge was the London marathon on 22nd April.

I have also chosen to run for Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund, my girlfriend back in the UK set up a just giving page and I have been going round with a bucket here collecting.

As for the changes, I commented before on how I no longer feel the “second wind” and start running with no shortness of breath, what I never mentioned was the recovery aspect.

At medium and high tempo running afterwards I was out of breath for a few minutes but now my breathing returns to normal in no time at all. I started following a TRX cardio training DVD that has involved skipping with instruction from Jump Master Buddy Lee.

As I have never skipped before I was shocked with what a great exercise it can be, if I had tried this training before there would be no question that I would have found it far harder as I would have had to concentrate more on my breathing. But now my sole concentration was on the skipping.

I think combining skipping and POWERbreathing at the same time might be my next progression, but I think I will need some guidance on this from the experts.

I have to say I am more than impressed with my fitness level and how the 30 breaths twice a day has made me able to run harder and train harder without having to worry about being restricted by my breathing.

The temperature out here has risen quite dramatically and running in the heat has not been that easy but I have managed to push through and have been helped by using a POWERbreathe breathing trainer product.

I cannot wait to get home and re-book a Peak Flow lung test to get the official results and see if I have lowered my lung age.

Here is a link to my Just giving page


  • Hi Darren - thanks so much for sharing this!

    It's great to read that your time in Afghanistan is coming to an end. And please send us a link to your Just Giving page so that we can include it in your Blog - that way people will be able to quickly and easily go straight to your page to donate.

    I'm pleased to read you're no longer experiencing shortness of breath, and that after such high intensity running your breathing returns to normal faster. As for trying POWERbreathe while skipping, well I'm going to ask the POWERbreathe Guru to leave a comment for you about that, so please keep your eyes peeled!

    Thanks again for keeping us all updated Darren and we wish you a speedy and safe return.

  • POWERbreathe Guru May 9, 2012 at 10:31 am

    We hope you've now received an email from Jon Trevor Corporal Peacock, in reply to your request for guidance, which I've posted here too as follows:

    Hi Corporal Peacock,
    I’m associated with Powerbreathe (PB) Vanessa (cc) has contacted me with regards to your question about using PB while skipping. I personally and with clients have used PB for some considerable years now while doing various cardiovascular exercises including skipping, running, cycling, skiing etc the main consideration is to maintain sufficient amount of airflow, if you are a “trained” POWERbreather you should have no worries, however i would not advise for those with untrained breathing muscles.

    1. When training with PB for any cardio i turn the unit down to min-0 while skipping and maintaining a skipping action of hopping on alternate legs, this helps reduce impact! which has an effect on diaphragm and internals

    2. Also do interval training with regular active rest periods without PB between skipping, eg: PB skip for 20 sec, followed by Chest press/ AB curl-up Burpees for 20 sec (without PB) then shuttle run with PB 20 sec...repeat 10 sets

    3. Make sure your breathing rate is slower & deeper than standard PB training ie: 3-5 seconds INHALE followed by 6-8 seconds EXHALE this will help regulate adequate air flow *NB Do not breath shallow and always maintain a longer OUT breath

    Hope this helps i will record some Video workouts for you over the next few months to keep you going with some workout options to load on smart phone and follow, in the mean time talking about follow let’s hook up on Twitter!/jontrevor keep me updated on your progress

    Kind Regards

    Jon Trevor


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