Madeline Simon (MS) - I'm quite impressed with my POWERbreathe results

Madeline SimonI’m in my 2nd week of rebuilding and things are looking up. It’s always good to know what your own body needs, so you don’t get despondent. I have even started making plans for May, one of them being a luncheon with some of my ex-colleagues and friends which I had to miss out on last year as I had over done things.

Like I said last week, I am quite impressed with my POWERbreathe results. I am making steady progress every week and feel better and stronger for it. I don’t do excessive training but what I do is working for me. Long may the progress continue.

As of this week I am reducing my journals to once a month, reporting in on my breathing training results from my K3, as well as a general check-in.



Date Level Load cmH2O PowerWatts VolumeLitres T-index% S-IndexcmH2O FlowL/s Volume Litres
21st Apr 2012 Hard 54 4.9 1.7 98 High 82Average 4.7 1.8
25th Mar 2012 Hard 50 4.4 1.6 100 High 75Average 4.3 1.7


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If you have a health condition that leaves you with inspiratory muscle weakness then please get in touch. We’d also really like to hear from you if you are using POWERbreathe breathing exercises for asthma or to complement your COPD treatment.


  • We'd like to say a BIG thank you to Madeline for keeping in touch and sharing her breathing training results with us and all of you.

    Madeline has been using POWERbreathe since 2010 and has provided us with regular updates for which we are extremely grateful. It's been wonderful reading of your progress Madeline, as well as reading about your day-to-day life.

    We of course will look forward to hearing from Madeline every month, and we'll share her news as and when we receive it.

    So thank you again Madeline, and we hope you continue to get stronger...and I believe a Happy Birthday is on order today! So we all hope you have a wonderful day!

    Best wishes from all at POWERbreathe.


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