Dean Ball - POWERbreathe week 1 completed

So, I’ve completed my first full week with my PowerBreathe Plus and I must say that I’ve enjoyed my 60 breaths a day for 7 days, eventually.

Dean BallI’m not a teller of lies; I’ve found it difficult, the first couple of days, I thought what had I got myself into, I decided on a rethink of what I was actually doing and how I was going about things.

After looking at how I was using my POWERBreathe I figured I was looking for a quick fix, I wanted the results there and then, I wanted healthier lungs in 2 days but my rethink made me discover that wasn’t going to happen.

One issue I addressed, which the PowerBreathe highlighted to me, was how shallow my regular breathing was.  I had never noticed before how short and shallow my breaths were, this is obviously not good when using the PB device as you need a nice long, slow exhale when using it.

I’ve been sticking to the 30 breaths, twice a day and I have to admit that the change in just my breathing habit has been immense, seriously pleased with the results so far and can see why top athletes use it to increase their physical capabilities.

I have managed to get to level 1 so far, which I don’t think is too bad for a week of training.  I’m expecting the next step up to be a way off though but we’ll see!

So, I’ve got to keep looking forward and keep moving through the levels!  I have level 2 in my sights!

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