Dean Ball - Week 1: Lets get the show started

Let’s set the record straight from the beginning, I’m no athlete, I’m a ‘wanabe’ one but no professional!

So, a little bit about Dean. Two years or so ago I decided that I was way over weight, I’m 5ft 9’ and was topping the scales at just over 17 stone.  I had developed terrible indigestion and never really suffering from this before I saw the doctor, to which he informed me that my body couldn’t digest or cope with the fact that I was eating, hence the uncomfortable acid issue!

Cutting a long story short, with a complete diet change, regular exercise, determination and great willpower I shed 4 stones. The feeling of dropping this weight, both physical and psychological was immense!  However, since losing this weight I’ve probably put on about a stone over the past year and I’m no way as fit as I was when I lost the 4 stones, so, I’ve decided to change this and get back into shape.

I’m an avid walker, I love it. It’s probably my favorite way of exercising.  You get out in the fresh air, see some great sights, no air-con filtered gyms for me! :)  One thing I’ve never overcome, even was I was semi-fit, was the feeling of being out of breath, I suppose I just put this down to the way that I’m made.

This time around I’ve dDean Ballecided to take an interest more in the ‘technical’ side and nutritional side of getting fit, a behind the scenes kind of thing.  After looking at and taking the steps at securing the correct nutrition balance I decided to look at things that could enhance my fitness levels aside from regular exercise.  This is where the PowerBreathe comes in.

PowerBreathe was brought to my attention by GB Deaf Footballer Claire Stancliffe, via Twitter.  So, I ordered one - PowerBreathe Plus in a lovely blue colour.

After consulting the instructions, it was time to commence.  Deep breath. Nose clipped. Exhale. Inhale. Wow! I didn’t know my lungs were in this bad of shape! First breath was an experience, second one the same, etc. My first session over and I’ve got to admit, I could only manage 10 breathes, hard was not the word, now I know this is going to be a challenge.

I love a challenge, I can’t wait for my first week to be complete, I know I will make progress and I’m 100% sure my PowerBreathe will be a success for my personal fitness.

I will update after my 1st week..! :)


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