Madeline Simon (MS) - I like the POWERbreathe K3 because you can constantly measure yourself & set your targets accordingly

Madeline SimonI have to correct my mile estimation from last week, it was actually more like ½ mile but still very impressive for me.

My overall POWERbreathe breathing results dipped slightly this month, the reason being I developed a real stinker of a head cold, which has set me back a bit. But, the beauty of the POWERbreathe is I know that I can get back on stream again fairly quickly and without absolutely exhausting myself. So onwards and upwards and I look forward to next month’s results showing me back on track. That’s why I like the POWERbreathe K3 - you can constantly measure yourself and set your targets accordingly.




Date Level Load cmH2O PowerWatts VolumeLitres T-index% S-IndexcmH2O FlowL/s Volume Litres
25th Mar 2012 Hard 50 4.4 1.6 100 High 75Average 4.3 1.7
02th Mar 2012 Hard 47 4.6 1.8 100 High 78Average 4.5 1.9


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