POWERbreathe Czech Distributor at Mallorca Training Camp 2012

Mallorca Training CampFor many years, Majorca (Mallorca) has been the place to go for winter and early spring cycling. Countless professionals and cycling enthusiasts flock to this beautiful island off the Mediterranean Coast of Spain. Long a favorite among European cyclists,  over the last years the island has seen more and more North American cyclists.

This year our Czech POWERbreathe distributor Aleš Zárybnický went to the training camp and demnonstrated the POWERbreathe device and showed the riders just how effective POWERbreathe is for inspiratory muscle training. Here are some photos of POWERbreathe users at the recent Mallorca Training Camp, and as expected, POWERbreathe users showed the best results.

Thanks Aleš for sharing these photos with us!

POWERbreathe at Mallorca Training Camp 2012

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