Modern Health and Fitness - POWERbreathe three months in already

Elspeth RaisbeckI’m now more than 3 months into my POWERbreathe challenge!  While the improvement and ease in my workouts has reached a satisfactory plateau – I’ve shaved about 30 seconds off my run times each week – they are still fun to do.

When I’m on my way home in the car after work I’m not wondering whether I’ll go for a run but planning the rest of the afternoon/evening round the run I’m going to do.  It’s part of my day, just as cleaning my teeth is and that’s what I’ve been struggling with for years – not ‘if’ but ‘when’!

Over the last months I’ve reached a few POWERbreathe workout conclusions:

  • Using it when working out is a dynamic way to improve respiratory fitness and gives even more leverage on the ‘static’ practice sessions (I know I’ve said that before).
  • I make a point of using it before a run as a warm up, especially if I’ve been slumped at my desk or in the car for hours.
  • When I’m tired and have stuff to do but can’t be bothered, a quick blast on my POWERbreathe makes all the difference and I have much more energy.

I hope to continue to see a gradual improvement in my run times and if I defy the laws of physics and shave off so much time that I start to meet myself coming back, I’ll let you know.

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