Madeline Simon (MS) - 19 years of living with Multiple Sclerosis

Madeline SimonIt’s been a quiet week on the exercise front this week, but that’s mainly because I had guests for two days and some paperwork that needed to be done.  It’s funny how a change of routine just throws everything up in the air. I need to get back on stream again PDQ with my Pilates and POWERbreathe.

However, it has done me a favour in a way, as I have decided not to see my friend in Italy until September/October, and that’s if I am feeling fit.  As you can tell from my previous blog posts,  because of Multiple Sclerosis I’m not good with stress or changes to my routine, but I  am slowly learning and recognising when I need to take things easier, after 19-yrs of living with MS.

Now I’m off to do my POWERbreathe training! Speak to you again next week.


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