Penny Harris - 3 weeks of using my POWERbreathe Medic

Penny Harris in Turkey 2011I have now been using my Powerbreathe Medic for 3 weeks.  The day I started using it I also reduced my inhaler dosage. This was done with the full approval of the nurse at the asthmas clinic!

I have been tracking my peak flows twice a day to give me an objective picture of what is happening.

The first couple of days my peak flow stayed the same, then on day 3 it dropped slightly, only by 15-20 points.  After two days it popped back up again, and has been trundling along since then.  The only time I have had any symptoms was after a tough track session, but I always have coughed after those!

Getting into a routine with the twice daily use of the Powerbreathe has been a case of trial and error.  In the morning I try and use it before I use my inhaler, in the evening the same.

It did take a few days to get the tension right, but I got there! I am now increasing the resistance quite quickly, especially when I realise that I have done 30 breaths and not noticed! I am intrigued to see how I go over the next few weeks, as I increase the resistance higher.

I am going to see the asthma nurse again and go through the Powerbreathe with her. We are going to discuss my asthma medication again as well as I am on such a low dose of my current inhaler it is not technically therapeutic!


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