Corporal Darren Peacock 44 days in Afghanistan and 43 days of using my POWERbreathe

Darren PeacockIt’s been 44 days now since I left the UK for Afghanistan and 43 days since I began using my POWERbreathe Plus.

After the first 10 days I increased the resistance to level 1 and immediately noticed the difference. My breathing in was harder but after 5 days it started to become easier.

Each Monday I have been increasing the resistance by 1 level this is helped by the fact that the POWERbreathe is very simple to use and also to maintain, just a soak in warm water and leave it to dry then its ready to use again.

Stupidly I did not bring the nose clip with me even though the instructional DVD tells you to use it. At first I did not need it but as I increased the resistance after level 2 I found it hard to use without making sure no air was getting in through my nose.

As I left the clip at home I have just been holding my nose with my fingers, which does the trick, but next time I will make sure I use the nose clip provided.

As for the results of using my Powerbreathe product as I commented on in my last blog I noticed I was not short of breath as I started to run.

Normally when I did any sort of cardio training I was breathing heavily for the first 10 minutes but after I got my “second wind” my breathing relaxed. Now its like I start with my “second wind”.

Also my breathing used to dictate how long and hard I could run for but now it’s my legs that tire before my breathing. My marathon training has been going well with 2 15 mile runs completed now then next week contains a 3, 7.5, 3 and 17.5 mile run and the same the following week. My running pace has improved due to my stronger lungs and as my Power Breathing improves so do my average mile speeds.

After completing 4 weeks of TRX Basic training program I have moved onto the TRX strength training routine I have found my 30 second recovery between exercises faster due to my breathing returning to normal quicker.

I am fully impressed with the results I am witnessing and the benefits of Power Breathing, there are 6 more levels on my POWERbreathe Plus hopefully by the time I leave Afghanistan behind I will be on level 10 and fully feeling the effects of using this product.

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