Madeline Simon (MS) - it's been a better week this week

Madeline SimonIt's been a better week this week, with no dull pins and needles progressing above my ankles. So I’m going to continue on with my strategy.

When you go through times of fatigue and lack of energy, you appreciate even more what the POWERbreathe is giving you. Yes, I do my Pilates and core stability exercises but these are not really giving my lungs a workout.  I can’t really run because of the lack of balance I have as a result of Multiple Sclerosis, and I can only walk short distances, hence the importance of the POWERbreathe, and why I will never give it up. I remember very well those days before POWERbreathe, when I felt severely unfit and had no strength, but as I say that was before I was introduced to the POWERbreathe breathing exercises, and I never want to go back to that state again.

It is also good for your own morale to have a measurement of how you are doing, and my POWERbreathe K3 does just that, and each month I am making slight improvements - long may it continue!


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If you have a health condition that prevents you from doing any physical activity, then it's likely that you too are experiencing inspiratory muscle weakness, and POWERbreathe could be beneficial. We'd love to hear from you if you are using POWERbreathe breathing exercises for asthma or to complement your COPD treatment.

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