Ben Barwick - Goodbye illness, hello POWERbreathe

Ben BarwickThank god my illness over and I am back to training. Been going much better this week, both running and POWERbreathe.

I sat down this week and had a look at the my training results, using the breathe-link software. What is really pleasing to see is how it has all progressed, and I cannot imagine how I even functioned before the POWERbreathe!

What I noticed from the breathe link software was how the Flow figures have changed. They seem to increase, drop down a bit then increase back up to the level before. What I think is happening here is that when the training load adjusts to a level I have not done before, I can't get as much air through the device, however, the breathing muscles quickly adapt and we get flow levels back to where we were before, we then go through the cycle again.

The average power has also steadily increased, with a bit more consistency over the last few sessions. Whilst being able to visibly see the training is good, it is also really useful to get an idea of how effective the training is.

What would all this training be without a few tests thrown in for good measure? Testing is the ultimate way to see improvement and I have feel I have made some very steady gains.

A short but positive update this week on the POWERbreathe training. Next week I will test the Warm Up and Cool Down functions and let you know a bit more about manually loading the POWERbreathe K5 for an even better workout!

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