A very successful Triathlon show for POWERbreathe

Triathlon 2012

This year we exhibited at the 10th Triathlon Show. what a show it was and more to the point a successful show for POWERbreathe. Our Duncan, Lee and Mary Ann all attended the event to spread the word about POWERbreathe.

We tested over 250 individuals, sold numerous Plus units and our biggest achievement was selling three  POWERbreathe K5  units which was just uh-mayzing.  However, the biggest success of the show was POWERbreathe awareness. IT seems our education campaign is growing all the time creating greater awareness of POWERbreathe breathing training.  One of the POWERbreathe K5 purchasers had never ever heard about POWERbreathe or Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) before.  Overall, a success as many attendees left the show thinking about the POWERbreathe, many will check out our website and some will even purchase one in the future.

The highest score over the 3 days was 213 achieved by a very large rugby player, well done to him. We had a lady called Collette from a Tri Club who used her POWERbreathe regularly but in the car as she drove to work.  She achieved the highest female score of 149.

It was great for networking, meeting media people, athletes and current and potential retailers. Three long hard days and a lot of talking and breathing but it was definitely worth it. Lee has now trained, fine-tuned and supercharged his ability to talk.  With greater intervals between breathing he now beat both Harry and Duncan and that is an achievement in itself!!! Mary Anne bless her took Monday off to allow her ear drums to recover recover from both Duncan and Lee.

Here are some photos from the Triathlon Show. don't forget to connect with POWERbreathe on Flickr too so you can be tagged in our photos.

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