Increase your lung efficiency with exercise

Inspiratory Muscle TrainingExercising on a regular basis is critical for fitness. Regular aerobic exercise is essential for cardiovascular fitness as the exercise reduces the amount of work the lungs need to do. However, you cannot increase your lung capacity with regular exercise and if you suffer from lung disorders such as COPD, asthma or emphysema regular exercise will not improve lung function.

Regular physical activity will help strengthen your limb muscles  and help to reduce shortness of breath symptoms and increase your stamina.

Function of the respiratory system

The respiratory system is made up of the nose, throat, windpipe and lungs.  This whole system works together to provide your body with life nourishing air in order for you to survive, as well as removing the waste gasses from your body.  To breathe correctly the airways must be open and clear of inflammation and large amounts of mucus.

Do you have asthma

You do if you suffer from shortness of breath, wheezing and constant coughing. These are all triggered by physical exertion or exercise..  When your airways constrict, extra mucus is produced and this is when the above symptoms will occur.

This doesn't mean to say an asthma sufferer cannot enjoy running or jogging it just means they should choose indoor track venues rather than running outdoors as indoor their lungs will not breathe in any air pollutants.  Another important point to remember is warm up and cool down. Correct warm up and cool down exercises can also reduce the risk of exercise induced asthma.

Perfect exercise for asthma sufferers include swimming and yoga. Yoga is particularly good as it concentrates on breathing techniques, stretching and meditation.

Do you suffer from Emphysema?

Anyone who has this respiratory condition should take up walking as this is the best form of exercise for emphysema sufferers. Emphysema is a permanent form of COPD and is mainly found in people who are heavy smokers. If you do suffer from emphysema then two or three 15 minute walks per day are advisable. Strength training exercises can help build arm and leg muscles which may ease breathing difficulty while improving endurance. Breathing and balance techniques practiced may also benefit emphysema patients and help with their COPD treatment.



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