Breathing difficulty, symptoms and treatment

Respiratory SymptomIf you are someone who suffers from shortness of breath, have trouble breathing or find you have to put in more effort to breathe, then you probably have a respiratory illness or some form of lung disease such as emphysema, COPD or asthma.  Whether you are resting, exercising or simply lying flat, you can suffer breathing difficulty symptoms.  If you can pinpoint the triggers that cause these breathing problems then you can find out what the underlying cause is.

Symptoms contributing to breathing difficulty

So what are the symptoms? If you have severe breathing problems then the most common symptoms are rapid respiratory rate, continuous wheezing and nasal flaring. Anyone who suffers from severe breathing problems will place extra strain on the neck and chest muscles to breathe.  For example, an asthma sufferer will experience breathing difficulty with wheezing while someone who suffers from a heart condition will find they experience breathing problems when they exercise.

Treatment for breathing difficulties

Breathing conditions are treated differently. It all depends on what the underlying cause is for the breathing problem you have. Many treatments are available - some medications and some drug-free treatments.  An inspiratory muscle trainer can help with any breathing problems you may have and is a suitable aid for COPD treatment as it exercises and strengthens the muscles you use to breathe. Inspiratory Muscle Training (IMT) is scientifically proven to benefit patients with respiratory illness.


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