Modern Health and Fitness - POWERbreathe practice has slowed

Elspeth RaisbeckMy day job as a nurse is in teaching patients with Growth Hormone deficiency how to use their fancy electronic device that gives them daily injections of Growth Hormone.  A lot of my patients are children and the new gadget is great fun for the first few weeks but then the novelty wears off.  A big part of the job is keeping them on treatment long enough for it to do its job.

I am that child!  I’m 7 weeks into using my POWERbreathe and have found that I’m not practising as often as I need to be so I’m not feeling the benefit...which means I don’t practise so much as I’m not getting the positive feedback from my running that practice gives me.  And so the cycle goes on.

My POWERbreathe sits on my desk staring at me resentfully.

Over the last week I’ve made a real effort to break this cycle and have been using it with Swiss ball home exercise DVDs and on a more regular basis each day.  And I think I feel the plateau I’d reached with my running times and ‘ease scores’ starting to improve.

Note –to-self: keep practising – it won’t work unless you do.

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