POWERbreathe at Althorp Duathlon Saturday 25th February

RunBikeRunLogoOn saturday 25th February, POWERbreathe were at the Althorp Duathlon event. This event was held at the ancestral home of Diana, Princess of Wales.

The Duathlon taking place was a running and cycling event where the runners started by running 10k, then cycling 40km and finishing off with a 5km run.

The main event of the Althorp Events is the olympic distance duathlon. This is placed at the start of the duathlon season as an opportunity for the experienced duathletes to put into practise their winter training over the full olympic distance prior to the British Championships and ETU and ITU qualifying events later in the season, and to provide the opportunity for the less experienced and novice competitors to have a go at an olympic distance event within the safety of an organised event.

Also on offer was the sprint distance event. This duathlon covers the same route as the olympic distance event and does not miss any of its unique features. Single sport competitors, the runners or the bikers, the novice duathletes, or the experienced duathletes wanting to concentrate on shorter distances are encourage to enter this event.

We gave away a POWERbreathe breathing trainer worth £50 at the event.

We tested competitors and were surprised as to how good some of them were.

The winner of the male prize got a score of 200 on the test.  He was a big chap and said he was a builder.  He put his success down to often working wearing a mask.  He did better than his friend who won the 5k.  A young guy who was training to be a Doctor at Nottingham University, came second in his event and he also bought a POWERbreathe following the a test we did on him.

Here are some photos we took at the event

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