Ben Barwick - Can't get enough of the POWERbreathe K5

So, week two has started and am thoroughly enjoying the POWERbreathe. The best news is that my Test scores have gone up. I did a test after 3 days, and my results had already gone up to 189.8. As I mentioned in my first Blog, the first few sessions were just about getting used to the POWERbreathe and developing the technique.

The best news is that after 2 days of training the results started to improve and I felt like I am making some improvements.

One of the great features about POWERbreathe K series is that it has an auto-level feature. As I understand it, based on your first 3 breaths, the unit automatically sets the training load for that session. You can set this feature to vary from very light, light, moderate, heavy, very heavy. From my use, I have only used the very light and light settings. One slightly annoying think about the Breathe-Link software is that it doesn't remember your setting from the previous session, so you have to change it each time you train. Hopefully they will update that with a software update. If you train with this setting on the unit, it will however remember what setting you had it on.

I have also tried training with and without the breathe-link software this week and I must say that I prefer using the computer software. Not only does it allow me to visualise each breath but you can easily look at your training afterwards and see the progression over the week. Training with the unit is great because it is portable but short of writing down the results afterwards I do not have a record of what I am doing, and I am of the digital age where I need everything done electronically and automatically.

Check out my website for detailed screenshots of the tests.




  • Hi Ben - thanks for keeping us updated and for your feedback. Great idea (remembering settings from the previous session) which we're looking into for the next Breathe-Link software update. Any more ideas? Please keep them coming! Thanks Ben, Vanessa


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