Ben Barwick - Me and my POWERbreathe K5

Hi my name is Ben Barwick and I have just started using the POWERbreathe K5 for training my inspiratory muscles. As I have only been using it for a few days the process has been more of getting used to using the unit and software than actually seeing and feeling any results.

A little about me to begin with. I started running about 18 months ago, when I ended up doing a half marathon on no training in just over 2 hours. Little did I know that on that day, a seed was being sown, which very quickly, with very little cultivation from me, grew into an addiction, a running addiction. I did my first marathon in November 2010, and ran 3:58. I then decided to train properly, and start taking more of an interest in my running. A year on, November 2011, I ran my second marathon, after a journey which involved getting ill the day before a spring marathon and pulling out at 1/2 way, and ran 3:09.

There have been many ups and down but I am now looking at as many ways as possible to enhance my training and get the most out of the body I have. I also suffer from a mild case of Asthma, mainly during the Summer months but I also struggle in the winter chill.

This has led me to POWERbreathe and the K5. I have to say I am really impressed. My favourite part has been using the Breathe-Link software.

I have written an article on Breathing and throughly believe that the product can work because the science exists.

What is the unit like to use?

The K5 is a great looking unit, in the Iron-Man exclusive colourway. It feels slightly weird the first few times I used the product, and took me a couple of days to get used to it. I do not think that I have got the most out of the first few training sessions, as I have got used to the unit. To train you have to breathe out then inhale with a sharp intake of breath, and the unit has a pressure load which you have to inhale through and lift open the pressurised inspiratory valve. It is not too disconcerting having to breathe through a unit which doesn't allow you to breathe properly, and the settings to begin with haven't had too much load in.

Read the full K5 review on my website

I will be updating this each week, focusing on a different part of the POWERbreathe experience and my thoughts.

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