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Elspeth RaisbeckPOWERbreathe first came to my attention many years ago when one of my patients who suffered breathing difficulties brought one to clinic and said that it had helped his breathing condition more than any of the inhalers he’d been given.  As his nurse I wasn’t in a position to tell him to throw them out and stick with the POWERbreathe but I think that’s what he probably did!

After that I started thinking about what a POWERbreathe could do for anyone with a pair of lungs - or even only 1 lung but for some reason it’s taken until now for me to get my own POWERbreathe. I’ve been using the Fitness Plus model for nearly 4 weeks.

Because I’m a bit of a saddo and love a good excuse for breaking open an Excel spreadsheet, I’ve been logging my stats so that I can see (as well as feel) the improvement in my fitness performance.  I’m not a heavy-weight fitness fanatic but I go running as often as I can, which is usually 3-6 days out of 7, and occasionally supplement that with home fitness DVDs.  So the stats look at how far I’ve run, the time it’s taken and how easy it was on a 1-5 scale (a 1 would see me leaping along like a young gazelle and when I have to stop halfway round my route, that would be a 5).  I also record how often I’m practising with the POWERbreathe and the resistance level.

So far I’ve got up to level 2 on the resistance and have been practising about once a day (Ok, so not optimal) but even in this short time I’m seeing and feeling a difference.

My running time over both my 2.5 mile and 4 mile routes have reduced by over 2 minutes and the ‘ease scores’ have also gone down from 4 to 2.5 which means that I’m enjoying the exercise a lot more.

Recently I’ve been using the POWERbreathe while I’m using the home exercise DVDs which gives an added dimension, and using it just before I go running gives me a lot more energy – probably unsurprisingly!

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