Madeline Simon (MS) - Happy 2012!

Madeline SimonHAPPY 2012! May it be a Happy, Healthy & packed Full of Fun for all.

2012 has opened its chapter and my New Year’s resolutions have been set, all achievable, as it would be just silly to stress myself unnecessarily. Exercise, and that includes my POWERbreathe K3, is always on the list as it is crucial for my well being. Like all, you have to keep the motivation alive as it can wane on occasions – NOT GOOD!

I’ve already been to the gym and decided to do my POWERbreathe training every other day, plus my Pilates starts again this Monday.

It really paid off, being well organised for the festivities and doing all my shopping and Christmas cards and letter so early. So I bet you can’t guess what I have started now… It’s my handmade Valentine cards! I do send quite a few out, most of them going to my nieces, nephews and Godchildren before you get any ideas!

I plan to have no stress this year and really concentrate on my exercises, as this really pays dividends to my well-being. I’m now into my 5th year without a relapse and having to go into hospital for some treatment, so, long may it continue!

I don’t know if you remember from my very first post in June 2011, but I mentioned how I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) back in 1993, the relapse/remitting type, which means that if I get a relapse I have to go into hospital for 5 days of intravenous Methyl Prednisolone, which luckily works for me.

Unfortunately at the start of 2010 I started to go downhill. I didn’t exercise because fatigue would set in and as a result my muscle tone went - even walking up and down the drive I would get so out of breath, and my skeletal frame kept going out of place.

However on my last visit to see Patty Shelley, a top UK neurologist physiotherapist, she recommended I use Powerbreathe – and that’s how I came to use it, and since then I haven’t looked back. I am less fatigued, have more energy, I’m choking less and swallowing has greatly improved. My speech is stronger and not staccato, my face muscles are taught and my upper bone structure keeps in place better.

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