Breathing techniques and exercises that won't ruin your voice

voice-exercisesNot everyone knows this, but if you don't know the correct breathing techniques when singing you can seriously damage your voice and your health. Knowing how to breathe properly and knowing the right vocal exercises can improve your singing.

Anyone who likes to sing - be it in the shower or as a professional will know that singing is based on breath.  The number one rule any singer needs to know is if they want to sing properly then they need to adopt the correct breathing techniques and vocal exercises otherwise they will run into serious problems that could ruin their singing voice permanently.

Music teachers everywhere are always debating what the correct breathing techniques are for singers. There is more than one vocal exercise and breathing technique that is taught across the world and because of this it makes it extremely difficult to tell which breathing techniques are good for your voice and which breathing exercises can ruin your voice.

It is easy to distinguish which breathing exercises and techniques are bad for your voice - bad breathing exercises and vocal exercises will make your throat hurt and feel extremely tight while you are singing. If your breathing technique is incorrect and you start singing you will have a feeling of tension building up in your throat and you will have difficulty projecting your voice. What this results in is un-necessary strain being placed on your vocal cords.

Placing un-necessary tension on your vocal cords and forcing your voice to sing will cause you extreme harm as well as plenty of problems including:

  • Shortness of breath while singing
  • A vocal sound that sounds powerless and weak
  • The inability to reach high notes.

To be able to sing correctly it is not that difficult to learn the correct breathing exercises and vocal exercises. Once you learn the correct process it will be a piece of cake.

Remember the three golden rules and your singing will be perfect, ensure:

  • You are taught the correct way on taking controlled breaths
  • You know how to support that breath; and
  • You know how to keep your throat open and relaxed while doing it.

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