Josh Warrell Week 1: The journey begins

My names Josh Warrell and I’m a Personal Trainer & Master Trainer for various products within the fitness industry such as ViPR & FKPro. During my 3 month trial I will be talking about my experience using the POWERbreathe as a Personal Trainer with a range of clients but mostly the experiences of my mother whose profile you will find below.

Name: Denise Warrell

D.O.B: 16/11/1965

Height: 5ft 9

Weight: 11St

Has suffered with asthma all her life, but most recently in October 2010 suffered multiple Pulmonary Embolisms. She was hospitalised for 2 weeks and could not return to work for 3 months. She now suffers from shortness of breath after short burst of activity.

Here is her training diary.

June 8th

Train Test

Load                      31                                            S Index                                 79

Power                   3.0                                          Flow                                      4.5

VOL                      2.1                                          VOL                                       2.3

T Index                                 62% MED


June 9th

Train Test

Load                      33                                                           S Index                79

Power                   3.6                                                          Flow                     4.5

VOL                        2.4                                                         VOL                     2.3

T Index                                 65%

Comments: Tightness in the top half of my chest during and after training, a little light headed. Walking & talking at the same time is hard.

June 10th AM

Train Test

Load                      33                                                           S Index                                 93

Power                   4.1                                                          Flow                      5.3

VOL                        1.8                                                         VOL                        2.2

T Index                                 64%

Comments: Tightness more in the upper portion of left lung. Slightly light headed

June 10th PM

Train Test

Load                      38                                                           S Index                79

Power                   2.9                                                          Flow                      4.5

VOL                        1.6                                                         VOL                      2.4

T Index                                 37%

Comments: Tightness in the top half of whole chest during training.

June 11th AM

Train Test

Load                      43                                                           S Index                 85

Power                   3.1                                                          Flow                      4.8

VOL                        1.5                                                         VOL                        2.5

T Index                                 52%

Comments: Woke with tight chest, pain in all of chest during training, light headed for short time

June 11th PM

Train Test

Load                      35                                                           S Index                 87

Power                   2.3                                                          Flow                      5.0

VOL                        1.3                                                          VOL                     3.2

T Index                                 43%

Comments: Breathless slightly all day on exertion, tight chest during training. I feel as though i am getting more of my asthma inhalers as it feels it is going deeper into my lungs with not so much left in my mouth.

June 12th AM

Train Test

Load                      34                                                           S Index                 87

Power                   3.6                                                          Flow                      5.0

VOL                        1.9                                                          VOL                      2.7

T Index                                 60%

Comments: A little wheezy with tight chest today. Pain in my entire chest during training.

June 12th PM

Train Test

Load                      38                                                           S Index                73

Power                   4.1                                                          Flow                      4.2

VOL                        2.0                                                          VOL                    3.2

T Index                                 68%

Comments: Breathless today on exertion tight chest most of the day and during training.

June 13th AM

Train Test

Load                      37                                                           S Index                 79

Power                   4.5                                                          Flow                      4.5

VOL                        2.2                                                          VOL                     3.0

T Index                                 66%

Comments: Chest tight before and during training

June 13th PM

Train Test

Load                      31                                                           S Index                77

Power                   3.1                                                          Flow                      4.4

VOL                        1.7                                                          VOL                     2.2

T Index                                 63%

Comments: Breathless today on exertion tight chest most of the day and during training.

June 14th AM

Train Test

Load                      32                                                           S Index                87

Power                   4.3                                                          Flow                      4.9

VOL                        2.2                                                          VOL                    2.6

T Index                                 69%



June 14th PM

Train Test

Load                      36                                                           S Index                81

Power                   4.6                                                          Flow                      4.7

VOL                        2.1                                                          VOL                     2.6

T Index                                 68%

Comments: Have felt good today no tightness during the day, breathless tonight on exertion and tight chest during training.


June 15th AM

Train Test

Load                      39                                                           S Index               86

Power                   5.3                                                          Flow                      4.9

VOL                        2.0                                                          VOL                    2.7

T Index                                 68%

Comments: A little wheezy this morning tight chest during training


June 15th PM

Train Test

Load                      29                                                           S Index               85

Power                   3.9                                                          Flow                      4.8

VOL                        1.9                                                          VOL                    3.0

T Index                                 66%

Comments: Slight tightness while training


June 16th AM

Train Test

Load                      33                                                           S Index               103

Power                   5.0                                                          Flow                      5.8

VOL                        2.2                                                          VOL                    1.8

T Index                                 71%

Comments: Chest felt quite clear training felt easier not so tight.