Andrea Cunningham Week 12 - I need air

Hi everyone I’m back with my 12th journal entry!!  This week has seen the return of the running…still not quite sure why I’ve signed up to do another marathon but hey I have so I better get back in that mind frame asap!  Have to say though it has been a bit of a torture this week….the air quality has been shocking so breathing in itself has been worse never mind trying to run in it as well.

The runs I’ve had have had to be on the coast as that’s about the only place I can catch my breath and there has been more walking than normal but I’m putting that down to the air and my rather lacking motivation!!  Air quality seems to be getting better now though wish we had some sunshine to go with the muggy air but no such luck!  Tuesday and Thursday I went to my usual combat classes – think my toes are now mended enough to try body balance again next week so I’m looking forward to that my legs could use it!

Still haven’t figured out what Farlek training is, this week seems to have just disappeared from me with running, weddings and working!!  I will endeavor to find out for next week when hopefully I will have covered twice as much mileage as well!!  Talk to you all then :-)