Mary-Ann Warr Journal - Model Used POWERbreathe K3

Model used: POWERbreathe K3

Tuesday 1st March 2011

Mission POWERbreathe training commenced this morning. I have done it before but became lazy and stopped but I need to start again especially with the marathon looming – I am going to need all the help I can get to get me to the end of the course next month!

Did it before eating my breakfast as it is in some ways quite “energetic” and I don’t like to do POWERbreathe training straight after eating.

The evening seemed a bit more of a rush what with getting home from work, then running training, stretching, a shower and then straight on to cook dinner! I forgot to do my POWERbreathe training before I ate dinner at about 8.30pm! So I thought I would do it later on once my dinner had digested but by the time I’d washed up it was 10pm and too late to train (it kind of wakes me up when I use POWERbreathe and this is just the one time I didn’t want to wake up!).

My plan for tomorrow is find a time when I can fit POWERbreathe in after running training etc, but before eating!

Thursday 03/03/11

Noticed this morning that the ‘load’ I was working at had increased by 5cmH20 compared to the first day’s training. Could it be that I am getting stronger already, or is that wishful thinking on my part? Maybe it’s just that I am getting the knack of using POWERbreathe again. It will be really interesting to see how I progress over the next few weeks…

Tuesday 08/03/11

Fully charged today (my POWERbreathe k3 that is)! Had a good session this morning, again my load has increased – it’s increased by about 10cmH20 over the last week. I’ve noticed the results do go up and down a bit but on the whole morning sessions tend to be better i.e. a higher load, than evening sessions – I guess this is because I’ve been out running by the time I do my evening POWERbreathe session, and my results show how tiredness and muscle fatigue can affect my results.

Saturday 19th March 2011

Since getting back into my POWERbreathe training after the bad throat I had, I’ve been doing my two sessions a day all week. Despite putting lots of effort into the training I have noticed that I don’t seem to be going beyond (or even hitting again) my highest training resistance load of 41 cmH20.

I am going to put it down to this being my toughest training week in my marathon training plan, with longer runs than normal during the week - I will have my longest run in the training plan coming up tomorrow (eek!) when I will be attempting a 3 hour run. We’ll wait and see how it goes…

Monday 21st March 2011

Well I surprised myself and managed to keep going for the 3 hours! Admittedly it felt like I was dragging my feet towards the end but I got there and that was the aim. I used my POWERbreathe on the cool down setting after the run, but it was possibly a bit too late after the run that I thought of it, to be beneficial. However I don’t feel quite as achy as I had expected - either my body is starting to get used to it or the POWERbreathe training is really taking effect on the muscle recovery…or maybe a bit of both.

I have a sore throat again today so I’m taking a break from POWERbreathe training today. It’s strange that the sore throat is back again and I’m convinced it’s because I’m a tired and run down after such “long runs”, and the nuisance sore throat that is hanging around seems to make an appearance at these times.

Monday 28th March 2011

I had a good long run yesterday and found myself powering up the hills that usually slow me down a bit. Don’t get me wrong I was not sprinting up them (well it felt like a sprint to me but probably was not a sprint by Olympic standards) but I felt like I could keep my pace better than I usually do when going up hill and without getting as breathless.

What made me feel even better still was that I overtook four other runners, two of whom were on a hill (I rarely, if ever overtake on a hill) and it felt great!

Thursday 31st March 2011

Well my training is still tapering but I am keeping up with my two POWERbreathe sessions every day.

I’m getting closer to my best resistance load result as the week progresses.  I think perhaps with the running training being a bit less intense my body is having a chance to recuperate a bit, resulting in better results from my POWERbreathe training.

Just as I’ve managed to fit the running training schedule into my life, I have got into a habit of using POWERbreathe and fitting it into my daily routine. I think after a few weeks it just becomes a normal part of the routine like brushing your teeth, cooking dinner or washing up except it is more enjoyable than washing up!

Monday 4th April 2011

It was my final long run before the BIG DAY yesterday, except it actually was not as “long” as usual, only an hour! That seems so strange saying only an hour, as not long ago an hour was a really big deal to me.

It was a beautiful day and I really enjoyed the run. I’m starting to really look forward to the marathon next week, I know it’s going to be tough but I feel I have prepared as best I can with the training itself, especially incorporating POWERbreathe into my regime to help me go that bit further. Am I feeling confident? Today, yes I am but we’ll see how I feel later in the week!

Friday 8th April 2011

The day is nearly upon me. I’ve arrived in Brighton and I feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness whilst walking along the sea front – exactly where the Brighton Marathon course is going to be.

If anything I think the POWERbreathe training has helped calm me a little bit today which is what I needed with all this nervous energy. I am definitely going to use it on the morning of the event in order to help keep me calm as well as benefiting from an inspiratory warm-up.

I achieved a new, even higher resistance training load on the POWERbreathe yesterday which I was really pleased about, not only does it show progress but it has helped me feel even more positive about my preparation and is just what I need to help me keep a positive frame of mind.

Tuesday 12th April 2011

I’ve done it, hurrah! What a great feeling it was to cross the finish line yesterday, I am so pleased that I have managed to complete a marathon. It was a hot day, which is not what I’ve been used to training in, but I still managed it with the help of the enthusiastic and supportive crowds and of course with the right preparation i.e POWERbreathe training, sticking to a training plan and a nutritious diet (i.e. no alcohol).

I did use my POWERbreathe before I left the flat in the morning; it was too early for it to impact as a warm-up for the event itself but it prepared me for the 2-mile walk to the starting area as well as helping me keep calm.

The majority of hills were in the first 11 miles and after my recent experience with getting up the hills more easily because of my POWERbreathe training I felt confident keeping my pace whenever a hill came along.

The only thing I had not quite prepared for was the weather and any other day I love the sunshine, but not when I’m running a marathon! Unfortunately I ended up with a little sunburn but to be honest some sunburn and achy legs are a small price to pay for the victory of getting to the finish line!

I have no plans to do another marathon any time soon (although I’m not saying never) but I do know I will definitely be keeping up with my POWERbreathe training. My plan now is do some more 10K events and improve my time, which I’m confident POWERbreathe can help me with!