Madeline Simon (MS) Week 4 - Preventative/Proactive Medicine

02 May 2011

I’m a great believer of preventative/proactive medicine.

I don’t take anything for my MS, except if I have a bad relapse I do go into hospital for a 5 day course of IV (intravenous) steroids.

There is no cure out there – YET!? I am hoping that stem call replacement comes up trumps but that could be 10-15 yrs away. In the meantime I find managing my own situation is the best route for me, plus I need to keep myself in as good health and mobility as I can.

I take certain supplements on a daily basis; a multi vitamin, borage (starflower) oil, vitamin D and seaweed. On an exercise front I do Pilates once a week and some core stability exercises, daily, that I do in bed, even at 2 or 3am in the morning when I can’t sleep, and of course my POWERbreathe. I do more if my body is up to it, swimming is my favourite, and is excellent as you don’t have to concentrate on balancing.

I am also in the process of getting my amalgam fillings replaced. I had 3, just 2.5 more to go. I’d read somewhere that mercury causes insomnia, and I also read something about before any stem cell replacement they would remove all amalgam fillings, unfortunately however, I now can’t find the article. I really am no good with injections plus going to the dentist is not my favourite past time.  However, I currently have an excellent dentist and I trust him, so what am I waiting for? I always like to look on the bright side of things, no more ‘silver’ lumps in your mouth hence, improving your smile! And I will be OK for any stem cell treatment if it comes along, plus, maybe, less insomnia.