Madeline Simon (MS) Week 2 - Your MS is specific

Date: 04 April 2011

The MS you have is unique to you. You then form a game plan as to how best to manage it. However there are some common threads that link us all together, the key one is exercise to help keep your muscles working.

I have to purposely do my exercises - Pilates, core stability and swimming works for me, nothing aerobic as this would be too fatiguing. I have to do these otherwise I would be in a wheelchair. My cerebellum that sends the messages out to my muscles gets distorted. In basic terms I call my central nervous system as being short-circuited, so no clear messages get to my muscles.

The POWERbreathe has really helped me to carry on with my basic exercises and given me the stamina as more oxygen is in my blood stream because my breathing muscles are so much stronger.

Another knock on benefit is that my fingers and feet have better circulation, keeping them warmer, not ice cold. I feel this has been achieved since using my POWERbreathe and also my neurology physiotherapist realigning my muscles back to their correct position and releasing any squashed veins.

The model I use is the POWERbreathe Plus - Heavy Resistance.

It’s been a week of R&R after my excellent weekend with a group of friends. Yes, fatigue hit and two-hour siestas were needed to regain my strength again. Needless to say I didn’t do much exercise, apart from my Pilates and using POWERbreathe every other day. I even took POWERbreathe with me for my weekend away.

It may all sound a bit fanatical but I know if I don’t keep the exercises up my muscles will just go like jelly, and breathing uses muscles. So I’m hoping next week I will start to feel stronger again, but at least I am not starting from scratch as I have retained my strength.