Madeline Simon (MS) Week 1 - If you don't use it, you'll lose it

Date: 25th March 2011

I meant to provide you with a history of  results showing the strength of my breathing muscles/diaphragm.

  • Strength of Diaphragm – cmH2O
  • 23rd July 2010                   34
  • 31st August 2010               66
  • 28TH September 2010        72
  • 26th October 2010             78

The average person’s strength is 60-70 cmH2O.

As you can see it did not take me long to build up the strength but let me tell you, at the beginning I was quite horrified with myself and had to gradually build up the number of breaths. I started with 5 breaths (I wasn’t able to do any more) morning and evening and slowly built it up to the recommended 30.

Like any other muscle; If YOU DON’T USE IT, YOU’LL LOSE IT! And this breathing muscle is crucial/fundamental to all. I started off on the light resistance Powerbreathe at resistance level 4 and this week I am on level 7 on the heavy resistance Powerbreathe.

This week I had to walk 500m and as soon as I returned in the house I got handed the phone, as a friend called, no problem! Previous to using the Powerbreathe I would have been too out of breath to chat, in fact I wouldn’t have been able to walk that far in the first place.