How the POWERbreathe Wellness lung trainer has helped me with Asthma

My name is Colin White and I'm 31 years old and have suffered with Chronic Bronchail asthma since birth, I have always relied on inhalers to help me though my life and to keep my asthma under control.

2 Years ago I discovered an article in a fitness magazine promoting Powerbreathe so I went out and purchased one.  I have used it twice per day (5 days per week) since and have noticed a great difference (as have my asthma nurses).

I'm no longer relying so much on my inhailers, my lung capacity has increased giving me a greater "peak flow" and as has my V02MAX, this means I can train for longer in sports and Martial Arts and I'm able to go that extra mile.

Thanks POWERbreathe.

Colin White