Andrea Cunningham Week 7 and 8 - A knock back with my knee

23rd May 2011

Hi everyone I’m back with my 7th journal entry.  This week hasn’t been too successful for any kind of exercise at all!! My knee had been giving me a bit bother so the only exercise I managed was a 15 mile cycle Monday and Tuesday :-(

I then flew to London to hospital Wednesday night and only got home tonight so I haven’t even managed to use my PowerBreathe machine while I’ve been away.  However the PowerBreathe training must definitely be working as my asthma would definitely be worse with pollution and for all the walking we did and I had very little problem so this is great news for me!!  I’m home now though so I’ll get back to training this week, though I might just give Monday night a miss to catch up on some much needed sleep and hopefully the mental weather that is forecast doesn’t appear so I can get out on the road again later in the week.

Well that’s all for now folks talk to you next week when hopefully I’ll have a lot more to fill you in on :-)

31st May 2011

Hi everyone I’m back with my 8th journal entry.  This week has been a little better than last week – though that wouldn’t be hard so I’m on the mend woohoo!  Monday I was a bit tired so no exercise at all but Tuesday I bit the bullet and went back to combat and although I may have been dreading it going to it, it defiantly made me feel better afterwards.  They say its a fiercely energetic program inspired by martial arts which draws from a wide array of disciplines such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay thai  (muay thai is the killer) so you strike, punch, kick and kata your way through calories to superior cardio fitness – well that’s the aim anyway!!  Which my toes would hurry up and heal so i can go back to Body Balance now!!

Wednesday I went for a small run though my knee is still a bit sore so I knocked it on the head at 4.5miles and Thursday I went back to combat!  All exercise was indoors this week as the weather has just been horrific here so windy and torrential rain I am told though it is to get better next week thank goodness I’ve had enough of this weather!!  Friday I had planned on trying Zumba after work but as it turns out Belfast was a complete standstill with 14 security devices so it took me several hours to travel about 10miles so it was a very very large glass of wine and some dinner for me after I eventually got home!  Sunday I had decided to brave the weather and hit the pavement but to my shocker it wasn’t raining so while the going was good I decided rather reluctantly I should tackle my grass which was now a small forest and it’s only a small garden.  So it took me a lot longer than anticipated and I was in no mood for a run afterwards my legs and arms ached...that’ll teach me for letting it get so long!!

Still using my Powerbreathe every morning and evening so next week when I hit the pavement I hope to see a good improvement and fingers crossed the weather will be much better as I know I have shorts somewhere and I’d like to wear them this side of winter i.e sometime soon, I don’t ask for much :-)  Well that’s all for now folks talk to you next week!