Andrea Cunningham Week 3 and 4 - Getting into the swing

26th April 2011

Hi everyone well this week has been relatively quiet compared to last week as I’m on the tapering down to the marathon now so I was only allowed to run 20 miles over the week according to the schedule I’ve been following.  Monday and Tuesday I ran on the treadmill just to try and quicken myself up (which doesn’t appear to be helping at the minute!!) and I went to body balance again on Tuesday and Thursday!

Friday then I hit the tarmac once again for 10 miles but the weather was warm and there wasn’t very much air so I found this quite hard just couldn’t catch my breath….I’m hoping the weather isn’t like that for the marathon or it could take me a lot longer!  It seems this week even though I haven’t been running so many ridiculous miles I’m absolutely knackered, I think all the mileage has defiantly crept up on me as my legs are so tired and feel like lead blocks at the minute!

I’ve still been using my POWERbreathe machine everyday twice a day 30 breaths in the morning and 30 at night but this week I’ve only been able to increase it by one click – I think the air quality this week hasn’t been the best so my chest is a littler tighter than normal!  I’m all set to try out the DVD this week so I’ll let you know how I get on, until next time folks and don’t forget if you have a few pennies to spare please sponsor my big run for charity Sponsor Joanne and Andrea

1st May 2011

Hi everyone,  well if last week was quiet I've practically been horizontal this week!  I'm still on the tapering down to the marathon on Monday 2nd so I was only allowed to run Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week then no further exercise at all!  On these days I just ran on the treadmill but only 5 miles each day to try and go quicker and keep my legs moving!

I'm starting to feel like a bear storing food for winter its all about the carbs, carbs and more carbs this week and as much water as I can consume!  Its not long now though and I am starting to get very nervous about the big day!  The weather here hasn't broken so it is still quite warm...too warm to run in when you have asthma to contend with!  However I have been using my POWERbreathe everyday and even though last week my breathing was shocking in the weather and trying to run I have seen a definite improvement this week so fingers crossed everything will be OK on the day!

The later part of the week the only exercise I was allowed to do was a walk on Saturday just to keep my legs moving and then I was told to conserve all energy for Monday!  I've been conscious of not wanting to overdo it this week so I've only increased the level by one click on my POWERbreathe but I am defiantly seeing signs of improvement already!

Well next week all 26.2miles of the Belfast marathon will be done and i will let you know how I get on, wish me luck :-)