Andrea Cunningham Week 2 - It's about Body Balance

17th April 2011

Hi everyone I'm back with my second journal!  Well this week I've been a busy bee first of all I had the Titanic 10k on Sunday which went OK but it was really hot and they ran out of water so there were a few casualties!!!  Once i got over the shock of the heat and i settled into it i do think my breathing had defiantly improved slightly which is great news considering the conditions and i was able to make it the whole way round without stopping though a lot slower than i would have liked but hey we cant have everything all at once I am only a beginner after all and a beginner with very sore feet!!!

On Monday then I did 10k interval training again which is were you run 1k then walk for a couple of minutes, run for 1k walk for a couple for minutes etc as this pushes me I'm not sure i am seeing much improvement with my breathing with this task yet but i have to do this several more times before the big day so hopefully by next week I'll see a change.

Tuesday then i went to body balance which is a combination of yoga, Tai Chi and pilates I love this class its great of stretching and also i know this may sound ridiculous but it calms the mind so its good for the soul!  Nothing too strenuous on Tuesday because on Wednesday I tackled 22miles.....and it was no pretty picture in the cold and rain!  I am defiantly finding that after about 3miles i settle my breathing and can go much further having said that though i did walk up the big hills i came across but only because my legs were tired and i wanted to make it to the end!  I did find myself getting quite emotional when the end was in sight as I had absolutely nothing left in the tank as they say and I'm still getting my head around the fact that in 2 weeks I've to add another 4 miles onto that distance!

Thursday then was a rest day the only exercise i did was my usual daily routine of 30 breaths in the morning and the same again that night.  I've managed to up the level to nearly 2 this week so i must be getting used to doing it.  Friday i had planned on running 10 miles after work but unfortunately i caught a bug (disaster!!!) so i actually couldn't even put the POWERbreathe machine near me that day but hallelujah it only lasted 24hrs and i was back on form on Saturday and i ran 10 miles first thing in the morning though it was not my finest as my legs felt like lead and i was quite breathless so i had to walk a lot of it but that was all probably because i hadn't been very well!  As Saturday had been such a disaster i decided i should give it another go on Sunday and off i went but this time it was much better my legs weren't as sore or heavy and i defiantly was getting further without having to walk for a bit.

I haven't had time yet to vary my POWERbreathe routine but for the next 2 weeks the mileage i have to cover for training calms down so i am looking forward to trying out the DVD and getting to grips with it properly!  All this torture is for a great cause so if you have a few pennies to spare please sponsor me at: Sponsor Joanne and Andrea well that's all for now folks!