Andrea Cunningham Week 1: My POWERbreathe Journey

Hello my name is Andrea Cunningham and I am currently training for the Belfast marathon on 2nd May but I have asthma so I am finding it difficult to breath, I had heard about POWERbreathe and decided I would get the POWERbreathe Sports Performance plus model in the hope it would improve my lung function to enable me to train harder and better.  In the beginning I couldn’t run very far at all without getting out of breath a mere 200metres probably!!  Gradually with time I have got much better but still after about 1mile I get out of breath so now I have started using the POWERbreathe Sports Performance plus model in the hope it helps!!

I’ve had the model about 2 weeks now and in the beginning it did take some getting used to clipping your nose shut and breathing through the machine with my ears popping but I am getting used to it now and I make sure I leave it out so I remember to use it each morning before I leave for work and every evening.  I started off at level 0 for the first few days as I did find it quite hard to do 30 breaths in one go but that was also probably because I wasn’t used to the machine.  Now I am gradually increasing the load and I am nearly at level 1.  This week instead of long runs my training has consisted of interval training where you run for 1kilometre and then walk for 3minutes ten times in a row so you are constantly pushing yourself so it difficult to know if there has been any improvement yet as this is hard to do I am always out of breath anyway!!  Next week it’s back to the last of the long runs before the big day and then interval training again the following couple so I hoping by the time I get back round to it I will be much better.

I am running the Titanic 10k race this Sunday so I am eager to see if any improvement had been made with my breathing already though I know it has only been a short space of time.  With very little time on my hands at the minute as I am having to run so many miles everyday after work I haven’t been able to spend a lot of time discovering my new purchase but I fully intend to use it to warm up on Sunday using the guidelines and I now have a POWERbreathe fitness DVD so I cannot wait to try that out at home in the next couple of weeks!  Well that’s all for now folks until next week, I’ll let you know how I get on wish me luck!!  If anybody is feeling generous and can spare a few pennies all this torture is for a great charity and you can sponsor me online at: