Distinctive breathing techniques

Distinctive breathing techniques

If someone said they wanted to teach you how to breathe you would probably fall down laughing and think it was a strange request. However, breathing everyday is part of life and we take it for granted, but adopting some proper breathing techniques can actually improve the quality of your health and fitness.

Breathing on a daily basis influences your blood pressure, your heart rate, blood circulation and digestion. To help you breathe correctly multiple techniques can be used which will improve the way you breathe as well as improve the quality of your breathing.

This article discusses three steps to better breathing techniques.

Step 1

When you breathe always breathe through your nose. When breathing through your nose as opposed to through your mouth you are using the Buteyko breathing method. This method was developed by a Russian doctor to help people recover from over breathing. When a person over breathes it means they are breathing too much through their mouth. Another method – the Papworth method is a technique that uses a series of breathing and relaxing exercises to help encourage nose breathing. The more you practice breathing through your nose, the easier this becomes.

Step 2

When breathing try and concentrate so you can control your breathing. If adopting the Buteyko method it is advisable to take small breaths in and small breaths out. The Pranayama breathing technique is taught in yoga and is defined as a ‘control of energy’. If this is the technique you want to use then you need to breathe consciously and evenly. When breathing try to guide your breath so it is steady. Diaphragmatic breathing concentrates on expanding your abdomen to force air into your lungs. To practice, place one hand on your chest and the other on your stomach. The hand on your stomach should rise higher than the hand on your chest when you take a deep breath.

Step 3

Try and count your inhalations and exhalations. By using the Buteyko method, on the outward breath hold your nose and count how long you can comfortably hold your breath. A good tip for better control is before you need to breathe in deep, release your nose and take a small breath in. By doing this it gives you better control of your breathing as the longer you can comfortably hold your breath without needing to take a deep breath the better you can control your breath. Pranayama breathing requires you to make every inhalation and exhalation the same. To use the diaphragmatic style, inhale slowly and deeply through your nose and hold it for a count of seven. Exhale slowly through your mouth for a count of eight. As you do, concentrate on your abdominal muscles to completely empty your lungs.

These simple breathing techniques can help you improve your lifestyle dramatically. If fitness is an integral part of your daily life then adopting these techniques can aid you with your fitness training systems to improve the way you breathe during exercise.