Breathing exercise to help your asthma

One of the most important aspects of breathing to live healthily and problem free is that of getting enough air into the lungs. If you suffer from asthma, shortness of breath, COPD or any other breathing problem, one of the biggest challenges you face is learning how to effectively manage asthma symptoms and learning how to cope with asthma attacks. Adopting some breathing techniques can help you relieve some of the asthma symptoms and improve the quality of your life.

The benefits of adopting techniques

By adopting some techniques you can take control over the way you breathe. By learning to relax whilst breathing, you reduce the amount of stress that you place on your lungs to breathe. This does not fatigue your breathing muscles in any way, fatigue occurs when you take extremely deep or quick breaths which can lead to hyperventilation.

There are many different breathing techniques that can be adopted to help you with your asthma. One of the most widely used techniques is through Yoga. Yoga uses pranayama breathing techniques. This is a technique of using circular breath with air coming in through the nose and then out through the mouth. Another yoga technique is Papworth which is more of a relaxation technique and it mainly focuses on deep breathing. Adopting the Papworth technique is effective if you have asthma as it helps you to control your breathing and cope better with asthmatic symptoms.

Buteyko is another Yoga technique that can be used to help you with breathing. This technique is a combination of relaxation and correctly breathing through the nose.

Using techniques such as a breathing exercise can offer relief if you are an asthma sufferer as it helps you to relax and reduce the stress you put on your lungs. After all the biggest trigger of an asthma attack is due to stress. If you regularly participate in high stamina sports including tennis, rugby and football, your tennis performance can be greatly enhanced with breathing exercise techniques as these will build up your lung strength, which will reduce the symptoms and help prevent an asthma attack. The next time you feel an asthma attack coming on and you are having difficulty breathing, try some breathing exercises to see if your breathing improves.