Last man standing - any coincidence

ColinFestive greetings,

Apologies it’s been a while, I have been rather busy with the usual things in life (NVQ, Youth Work, Kickboxing, General Fitness training, Fund raising, meetings, my regular full time job and of course family life).

The good news is I have almost completed my NVQ  and I have now broken up from Youth Club for Christmas so have my evenings back and have taken a little time out from Kickboxing over Christmas.


Over the last few weeks I have been training hard and raising funds for Cancer Research UK for my friend Matt and his family and along the way I have had Powerbreathe on my side.

I have been experimenting with the settings of the Powerbreathe and increased the resistance to give my lungs a great work out. One thing I have noticed while everyone around me appears to be suffering from the winter colds and viruses (this is normally a time when my asthma kicks in full force), I am still going strong. I have managed to keep away all the sniffles and grogginess associated and I’m feeling fitter than ever at the moment (a coincidence?).

Over the last 6 weeks I have also been putting in 110% into my training and also raising money for my friend with sponsored swims and other fitness activities, I have managed to drop 5% body fat in this time and also add 3lbs of raw muscle.

I also have another promotional shoot coming up as some of the last pictures  that were taken didn’t go as planned and my promoter/sponsor was not happy with them! They have agreed that I can do some with my Powerbreathe shirt on and that I am able to tag them and pass them onto yourselves for promotional usage.

Powerbreathe training – I’m still using mine twice per day at the moment (morning and evening), and for 30 breaths each, I slowly increase the resistance over the days for 1 week then go back to the beginning, I feel that this is giving my lungs a progressive work out and as I change the intensity it keeps the workouts interesting.

I have also been planning a new exercise routine for next year and my Powerbreathe training forms a big part to this. So I will be looking to get the most benefit from this breathing training.

I have been reading the journals on Facebook and have been keeping up with most of the Powerbreathe news. Now I have my evenings back to myself again I will be making more contributions.

Hope you are all well over at Powerbreathe Towers? And wish you a very Merry Christmas.

With Love


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